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Netcommunity Accessibility Statement

The University of East Anglia is fully committed to providing an accessible web presence under the University’s equal opportunities policy. Netcommunity gives all users full access to University information, courses, research, business, services, and activities offered publicly through the web.

Netcommunity is also designed and maintained in conformance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA) and Special Needs and Disability Act 2001 (SENDA) to provide equal access web site opportunity for disabled people.

Standards Compliance

Pages on Netcommunity aim to conform to W3C WCAG level 2 and to validate as XHTM 1.0 Transitional, however due to the nature of the fuctionaility within Netcommunity this may not always be possible.

Accessibility Features

Netcommunity includes the following features aimed at improving accessibility:

Accesskeys Used on This Web Site

Accesskeys are a method which provides keyboard shortcuts to navigate the regularly used parts of the site. Netcommunity complies with the recommended UK Government access keys standard.


The accesskeys used on this site are:

S – Skip navigation

1 – Home page

4 – Search

0 – Accesskey details

N – Top navigation menu (Use the Tab key to move through the menu)

L – Left navigation menu (Use the Tab key to move through the menu)

Q – Quick links / Footer


Windows users can navigate with the access key feature by pressing Alt + access key.

Macintosh users can use Ctrl + access key (not CMD + access key).

Linux users can press META + accesskey.


Internet Explorer users also need to hit the ‘enter’ key to activate a link.

Opera users need to use Shift + Esc + access key.

Firefox users need to Alt + Shift + access key.


Breadcrumb Trail

The site provides a ‘breadcrumb’ trail above the main content of each page to show users the path from the home page to the current section of the site.

Text Size

Instructions for resizing the text using your browser are accessable by clicking on the Text Size link on the top right of this page.